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The Thinlet World's Who's Who highlights the people behind Thinlet.

Thinlet Core Development Team:

Thinlet Core Developer Alumni:

Thinlet Folks:

Robert Bajzat

No comments. No response or information sent back.

Norbert Barbosa

Location: Brest, France

Bio: Started as C, C++ developer on SGI in 1994 (tool for nuclear power plant engineering). In 1999, became architect on a new project in Java/XML/Java3d for piping computation on nuclear power plant/ship. In 2003, discovered Thinlet for a sub-project (a post-install configuration tool). Scriptable-Thinlet is my first major contribution to open source development.

Thinlet Contributions: ScriptableThinlet and ObjectWrapperThinlet

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Quickly building UIs and prototyping

Web Links: xthinlet: ScriptableThinlet and ObjectWrapperThinlet

Gerald Bauer

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Bio: Gerald Bauer is an independent Java, XML and Web consultant and open-source advocate. Gerald open-sourced Luxor (Java XML UI Language (XUL) Toolkit), Apollo (Test Skeleton for Web Start) and more. Gerald maintains the Lopica Web Start Encyclopedia including the Unofficial Java Web Start/JNLP FAQ and publishes The Java Republic (Free Open Source Core Java News) and The Richmond Post (XML UI News). Gerald started the XUL News Wire and the Web Start News Wire and founded the Open XUL Alliance to offer a forum to work on XML UI Language (XUL) interop and to help create a rich internet for everyone.

Gerald holds a Master's Degree in social and economic sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Thinlet Contributions: Documentation, promotion and community support (e.g. occasional Thinlet World blogger, started Thinlet Contrib project, published Thinlet Who's Who page, etc.)

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Using Thinlet as a "mini-browser" that lets you build rich internet applications using markup and scripting without requiring a single line of Java.

Web Links: Thinlet Contributions, XUL Alliance, United XAML

Steven Bell

Location: Thompsontown, Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Bio: I started programming with perl about 5 or 6 years ago, and progressed into python and then java. I worked at one of the national ISPs until recently, and that is where I developed my interest in programming. I wrote a number of apps in perl and python for use internally, and figured that learning java would be beneficial.

I am very excited about Thinlet, it's simple and fast, freeing me up to write code more effectively because I don't have to sit and spend time thinking about how to layout/program the UI.

I live in South central PA with my wife and son, and two cats.

Thinlet Contributions: No direct source contributions, thinking about RTF and HTML in TextArea widgets.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Internet and database applications. Using both applets and desktop apps.

Thinlet Applications:

Web Links: Keas Design Thinlet Page, Keas Design Thinlet Web Start Apps, jSQLcc Documentation

Andrzej Bialecki

No comments. No response or information sent back.

Web Links: Thinlet Titan Interview Part I, Thinlet Titan Interview Part II

Stephen Colebourne

Location: Sussex, United Kingdom (UK)

Bio: I have developed in Java since the early days of 1.0/1.1. My first main task was working on a swing based call centre GUI. In recent years I have been building booking engines for travel websites. This has led into various requirements for lightweight applets, which led me to Thinlets.

Thinlet Contributions: Advice on licence to choose. Bug reports. Hopefully some code contributions to come.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Keeping the main jar compact, but well featured. Enabling other open source projects to easily add their code. Replacing swing for 80% of cases.

Thinlet Applications: All company based applets.

Web Links: Joda Time, Jakarta Commons Collections, Sita

Fabiano Franz

Location: Campo Bom (RS), Brazil

Bio: Java Developer since 1999. Worked on several Java projects (as developer, systems analyst, project manager, consultant and instructor), especially web-based ones for corporations like:

Thinlet Contributions: Thinlet promotion; planning source code contributions (some new widgets, maybe an architectural framework, HTML textarea widget would be great)

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Desktop Thinlet apps, thinking of Thinlet as a good substitute for Swing or SWT

Thinlet Applications: ThinFeeder (Java RSS/Atom News Aggregator)

Web Links:, ThinFeeder (Java RSS/Atom News Aggregator), JImageTaglib (Java Tag Library for server-side image manipulation)

Eugene Klein

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Bio: Interested in computers since 1985, my latest work include mostly web development and Java programming as a freelancer and shareware author.

Thinlet Contributions: Skinlet - provides graphical skin support for Thinlet.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Refactoring. Splitting into a set of smaller classes. Making it easy to extend/modify Thinlet. Possibly incorporating the skin concept with the official release.

Thinlet Applications: RealChat Client

Web Links: RealChat Software, Dara Klein, Skinlet

Mauro Molino

Location: Milan, Italy

Bio: Java developer since its first releases. Currently working on PKI projects. I work a lot on backends, and Thinlet is my tool of choice when developing the administrative interfaces.

Thinlet Contributions: Not directly involved in Thinlet development.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Dynamic, distributed and remotely served GUI for thin clients.

Thinlet Applications: Thinlet-Helper (JEdit plugin for Thinlet development). All my applets and remote clients.

Web Links: Thinlet-Helper

Wolf Paulus

Location: Carlsbad California, USA

Bio: Wolf Paulus is an experienced software developer focusing on Java, XML, Mac OS X, wireless/mobile embedded-systems and Open Source technologies. In his daytime job as Software Development Manager and project lead with Verity, Inc. he works on the LiquidOffice platform, an innovative document routing and workflow solution. He created Theodore and Swixml, which was recently included into the community. Wolf was awarded "XUL Champion of the Year 2003" by the Richmond Post and the XUL developer community. Wolf worked in St.Peterburg, Russia, leading a team of Russian engineers creating smart bots and in Frankfurt Germany, helping Deutsche Bank develop a client-server electronic banking applications. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Paderborn, Germany, is a Sun certified Java programmer and completed many embedded-software and system design classes at UCSD. Wolf and his family currently reside in San Diego, California.

Thinlet Contributions: In fall 2002 I had played around with Thinlets, which I liked for its lean approach. However, because it lacked tools and extensibility, I didn't want to use it in serious projects. Today, Thinlets still long for an object-oriented implementation but at least there is a tool now .. meet Theodore.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Create small management console like Java application to administer embedded devices. The management console can communicate with the device over HTTP or a proprietary protocol - the device however does not need to provide full web server capabilities like in the case were a Web/HTML UI is used for administration purposes.

Thinlet Applications: Theodore

Web Links: Carlsbad Cubes, Wolf's Blog, Theodore, SwiXml, XUL Titan Interview

Dimitri Pissarenko

Location: Vienna, Austria

Bio: Born in Moscow. Moved to Austria in early 90s. From 1996 to 2001 - learning at Higher Technical School for Electronic Data Processing in Vienna. 2002 - got BSc degree in Computer Science from Austrian Partners of University of Derby. From 1998 to late 2001 - work as a programmer (primarily ASP, PHP and other Web-related technologies). From March 2002 - work on a Java based process modelling system.

Thinlet Contributions: Thinlet support in swixml-viewer.

Thinlet Areas of Interest:

Web Links: Dimitri A. Pissarenko, Neural Networks For Financial Time Series Prediction, swixml-viewer

Michael Nascimento Santos

Location: Sao Vicente, Brazil

Bio: Michael Nascimento Santos is the community manager for the JSR community @, a JSR-207 individual expert and helps to run SouJava, one of the largest JUGs in the world according to Sun. He currently works as a Senior Technical Consultant at Summa Technologies do Brasil and has given talks at events such as JustJava, Abaporu, Javali and JavaOne.

Thinlet Contributions: Mainly bug fixes and very soon, new features (such as maxlength for textfield/textarea)

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Improving extensibility and maintainability

Thinlet Applications: A JVM Test Workbench and a critical desktop sales system

Web Links: Summa Technologies, Michael Nascimento Santos @ Java.Net

Valentin Valchev

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Bio: I'm an embedded java developer specialized in the OSGi technology. I still write in Java 1.1 because most VMs optimized to run inside small devices are not compatible with Java 2 specification. At work - I'm a project manager with already eight projects behind but none of them is Thinlet related. In my spare time I write a book for Bulgarian Linux Newbies, and I also contribute to open source projects - mine or someone's elses. I'm also a big fan of salsa dance.

Thinlet Contributions: None yet, but planned ;) just wait.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Nothing particular. I'm just a good programmer that tries to do the best in a reasonable time. Thinlet helps - a lot ;)

Thinlet Applications: eBookCollector. The next version will use the Model-View-Controller pattern. It would be nice to have enough time to finish it and demonstrate MVC with Thinlet.

Web Links: Valentin Valchev's Homepage, ProSyst, eBookCollector

Alan Williamson

Location: Scotland

Bio: Alan Williamson is as much a veteran of the Java world as one can be with a language that is still very much finding its feet in the world. Alan has more than 15 years experience in the world of software development, graduating with full honors in computer science from the University of Paisley. Alan worked in mainly research and development roles until starting up the UK ís first pure Java consultancy company 5 years ago, specializing in Java on the server side (n-ary (consultancy) ltd). Alan has also worked his way up to the dizzy heights of editor-in-chief of the world ís largest Java magazine, Java Developer's Journal, and can be found talking at various conferences all over the place! He is also the Chief Architect behind BlueDragon (a CFML engine written in J2EE), and one of the foremost blogging communities.

Thinlet Contributions: Maintaining the Official Thinlet blog which includes writing technical articles and maintaining the FAQ.

Thinlet Areas of Interest: Looking at thinlet as a serious alternative to Swing and providing a rich environment for developers to build applications that do not require large JAR files to deploy

Thinlet Applications: Various; including blogging utilities and development tools.

Web Links: Life After Java, The Thinlet World

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