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Thinlet Interview Series

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To highlight the personalities behind Thinlet projects and initiatives and to offer behind-the-scene insider stories the Richmond Post interviews every month a titan from the Thinlet world.

The Thinlet Titan Interviews - The Who's Who in the Thinlet World

Q & A with Dawid Weiss
Thinlet Mobile and Desktop Lead for Medical Emergency Triage Application

Q & A with Michael Nascimento Santos
Thinlet Core Development Lead; Genesis Lead

Q & A with Andrzej Bialecki (Part I) | (Part II)
Luke Project Lead, Thinlet Contributor

Q & A with Kate Rhodes (Part I) | (Part II)
Caterpillar Project Lead; Thinlet and SwiXml Developer

Q & A with Wolf Paulus
SwiXml, Theodore and Franklin Project Lead

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