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What is Thinlet Contrib?

The Thinlet Contrib project collects example apps, addons, plugins, tutorials, FAQs, how-tos and other goodies for the Thinlet XUL (XML UI Language) toolkit.

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Thinlet Mailing List - Alternative Archive @ Gmane
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about the Thinlet XUL toolkit. You're also more than welcome to announce your Thinlet XUL addon or Thinlet XUL powered application to the list.

Thinlet Addon and Tool Lineup

Thinlet addon that lets you skin your Thinlets; headed by Eugene Klein

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Scriptable Thinlet
Thinlet addon that lets you script Thinlets using half a dozen scripting languages including Groovy, Beanshell, Python or Javascript; headed by Norbert Barbosa

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Thinlet addon that lets you create composite Thinlet widgets/components "Tapestry-style"; headed by Koen Roevens

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ThinG - Thinlet Forms Designer
A Thinlet forms designer that lets you design Thinlet forms drag-and-drop style without requiring you to type a single line of Thinlet XUL markup; headed by Dirk Mobius

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SwiXml/Thinlet Viewer
A tool that turns Thinlet XUL markup into live windows, dialogs, menus, toolbars and more without requiring a single-line of Java code; headed by Dimitri Pissarenko

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Thinlet Links, Links, Links

Thinlet Links
Includes links to Thinlet powered apps and much more

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